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Rother Horsemanship Clinics

  • Gain confidence in both you and your horse
  • ​Overcome fears
  • Learn what to expect from your horse and what to do when they do the unexpected
  • Develop feel and timing, so that you are better equipped to reward your horse when they find the right answer
  • ​Create a safe and willing partner in your horse
  • ​Discover new exercises and patterns that will help you easily work on teaching your horse new skills or developing old ones
  • ​In-person coaching from Steve Rother with lots of individual attention for each rider
  • ​Each clinic is tailored to the participants who have registered
  • ​Achieve your goals for you and your horse
  • ​Step-by-step instruction
  • ​Methods work for any horse of any breed, age, or discipline
  • ​Clinics accommodate ALL levels of riders
  • ​So much more!

ADDED BONUS: One Ride Away

  • 30 days of online video lessons to start your horsemanship year off on the right foot
  • ​Start from the beginning so you are ready for your clinic
  • Challenge yourself to work with your horse everyday
  • ​Learn the foundation that will put you on the pathway to success with your horse
  • ​Workbook sent directly to you in the mail so that you can keep notes as you go
  • Lifetime Access to the ​Member's Only Facebook Group
  • ​Downloadable Balance Diagram and Video
  • ​Supplementary Articles and Bonus Videos
The One Ride Away Program has a total value of OVER $1,300 with a regular registration fee of just under $200...
...when you sign up for one of our Early-Bird Clinic Specials!

ONLY Available Until February 15, 2024!

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Excel With Horses

Build a Bond

Develop Both You and Your Horse

Develop Safe, Content, and Willing Horses

Steve's methods work on any breed of horse, within any discipline, and for all levels of riders.  No matter how old you or your horse is, no matter how long you have owned your horse, and no matter what goals you have set for you and your horse; a Steve Rother Horsemanship clinic will help you continue your journey and set you up for success with your horse.

Work Through Fears and Build Confidence

You will be provided with step-by-step instruction on how to work through difficulties, achieve success in your goals, and build a better and lasting bond with your horse.  Steve is friendly and easy to approach, and he wants to help you create a strong partnership between you and your horse that you can count on no matter the situation you may find yourselves in.

"My issue that brought me to my first clinic in 2008 was a severe lack of confidence in myself as a rider. I realized I had no clue on how to deal with a newly purchased horse that had figured out several years prior, how to “buck the livin’ daylights” out of anyone who asked him to work. Your clinics gave me the tools that it took to peel back the layers of garbage and start his training over. Forever grateful. "  ~Karen E.

Learn How to Communicate Effectively with Your Horse

Steve has never found a horse that did not respond to his methods.  If you think you have the exception, you NEED to attend a clinic.  Let Steve show you what amazing things can be accomplished if you learn how to communicate with your horse effectively.

"I went to my first clinic with Steve Rother Horsemanship 3 years ago because I had 5 horses but did not know how to work with them. I had always depended on other horse people to help, but never found lasting success. After taking my green horse to my first clinic and participated in the colt starting and part of Level 1 sessions, I was so excited. I had learned how to communicate, how to calm my horse, how to read my horse, how to have fun with my horse. This knowledge and simple exercises built my confidence and gave me hope that I could be my horse's leader and partner. I use Steve's training methods every time I handle one of my horse, so now I have different horses, calmer, more respectful, more focused and fun to be around. The Steve Rother Horsemanship program is the best gift I gave myself and my horses."  ~Sue L.

First You Must Learn To
Go With Your Horse 

Then They Will Learn To
Go With You

Then The Two Of You Will
Go Together     

An Experience That You Won't Soon Forget

"I signed up for my first Rother Clinic 4 yrs ago with no idea what to expect. Steve was offering a colt start clinic so I signed up mostly because I happened to have a 2 yr old pony that I wanted to do a good job starting for my kids to ride. I started watching Steve's DVDs to prep for the clinic, and started trying the exercises with several of my horses at home and was blown away at how much my horses changed in such a short time. Everyone calmed down, became more respectful, less spooky - the whole vibe in the barn was SO much more peaceful! I was hooked. THEN I attended the clinic and was totally hooked! I have used Steve's method to start 4 horses/ponies and had the same great results each time. I have taken 10 clinics and every single time I come away with new knowledge, new tools and much much softer, smoother, calmer horses. Can't wait for clinic #11."  ~Kelly C.

From Colt Starting...

Sign up for one of Steve's colt starting clinics and learn how to raise the horse you want to ride.  Start at the beginning and build the foundation for success.

...to Performance

Already have some skills and ready for the next step?  Reserve a spot in a performance horse clinic and fine-tune all your maneuvers or learn some new ones.

And Everything In Between!

"Although we speak of confidence...your clinics and school open even more doors of intrigue and learning...It's the journey not the destination...and you instill that in your lessons more than any we've experienced. Thank you for your accommodating spirit."  ~John

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