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I'm Steve Rother, Horse Teacher, Author, and Internationally-Acclaimed Equine Clinician.  In this book I share some of my all-time favorite exercises, both on the ground and under–saddle; withbeautiful color photos and illustrations that make it a must have for every equestrian.  These exercises will ensure that your horse is properly warmed up and listening to you, so that you can just enjoy the ride.

I am dedicated to all horse people who strive to teach their horses by educating themselves.  I have helped thousands of horses and riders develop a more willing partnership.

I conduct horsemanship clinics throughout the USA and Canada, and through the School of Horse at Horse Creek Ranch in NE Washington.  My Excel With Horses Club and DVD series allow students to come together to achieve their horsemanship dreams through my exclusive Levels program.

This book includes over 50 pages, and works you through 10 lessons:
  • ​Thinking Outside The Box
  • Creating Try
  • Mind Games
  • ​Preventing Spooks
  • ​The Lightness Of Being
  • ​The Mounting Drill
  • ​Foot Control
  • ​Straight Shootin
  • ​Daisy Pattern
  • ​Release To A Jump
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I want to teach you the secrets of how to communicate with your horse successfully!  I have worked with over 30,000 horses, and have never found one that did not respond to my methods.  Become the leader your horse is looking for!
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Some of the real results you will achieve...
  • Develop confidence in you and your horse
  •  Learn about proper riding position
  •  Learn how  to connect the reins/lead  to the feet
  •  Develop a good 'whoa' on your horse
  •  Find ways to stay connected with your horse
  •  Develop a soft and willing partner
  • ​Learn key groundwork exercises
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"It was an eye opening experience and it really changed the way I do everything with my horses."
~Erika S.
"It was a launch to riding horses successfully."
~Sandra O.
"I will definitely come in with knowing where I am headed, knowing where the end goal is, where the end result is for me and my horse, and the partnership we can truly build; and that is the most exciting thing."
~Diana K.
This Collection Offers You
Unparalleled Instruction From
Steve Rother and his horse Professor
Meet Steve,
Author, Horseman, Champion
Steve Rother is one of the country’s top horsemanship clinicians.  He has traveled across the country over the span of multiple decades building his knowledge of horses and finding ways to impart that wisdom to the thousands of people who look to him for guidance each year.  

Steve has created many horsemanship programs that help any horse and rider build their confidence together.  His Excel with Horses program has helped people create stronger relationships with their horses and gives people the tools they need to work through any problem they may encounter.  The methods he uses and teaches work for all breeds, within all disciplines, and he is dedicated to helping every rider, no matter their level of experience, get the partnership that they truly want with their horse. 

Three-time undefeated champion of the Red Deer Mane Event Colt Starting Challenge, Steve has a special way with horses.  His ability to teach both human and horse has earned him the title of Horse Teacher.  Steve travels the US and Canada taking part in Expos and providing Horsemanship Clinics, so that anyone can become a Student of the Horse.  Steve also provides more in-depth tutelage at the School of the Horse; where he hosts 5 and 10 day camps at his Horse Creek Ranch near Hunters, Washington.

Steve is always looking for new ways to bring horsemanship to anyone that wants to learn, which is why he has created the DVDs and  book being offered to you today.  He created them to help guide people to a better future with their horses.  He  also maintains a welcoming community of like-minded horse people on his Steve Rother Horsemanship Facebook page, where he provides tips and guidance to all who follow.
Have you lost your confidence?
You are not alone! I help hundreds of people regain their confidence EVERY YEAR.
Let Me Help You Too!
Have you lost your confidence?
You are not alone! I help hundreds of people regain their confidence EVERY YEAR.
Let Me Help You Too!
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