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— Some Of WHAT YOU Will Learn —
 The confidence to overcome fears.
 Tools to keep your horse calm, curious, and respectful.
 Feel and timing to increase your horse’s “try”.
 Common mistakes of both the horse and rider.
 How to think from a horse’s point of view.
 What to do when your horse does the unexpected.
 How to accomplish incredible things with your horse.
 Key exercises to unlock your horse’s potential.
 Exercises to correct your horse’s bad habits.
 BONUS: Amazing Learning Experiences with Other Horse-Minded People (Priceless)
 Best experience ever! The friends, the food, the landscape, the instruction, all top notch. Horse Creek Ranch should be on everybody's bucket list."
— Rebecca R.
Coming to your ranch was the fulfillment of a long time dream."
— Laura K.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It was an unforgettable experience.  The accommodations and food were amazing."
— Shantelle F.
 I attended my first clinic after watching Steve do his all breeds demo.  I had used horses on some extreme trails in BC, packed em, hunted and guided off of them but I had never seen such a willing partnership and I wanted a piece of it... a few clinics and a stint at Horse Creek Ranch and I have yet to be disappointed."
— Rod L.
 I first saw Steve and Shiner at the Mane Event also. I could not sign up fast enough! Two Ranch camps and a handful of clinics changed my life!"
— Heather D.
 I attended a camp and I’m forever changed. I own two very different horses and have taken both to camps and clinics and his techniques work on both of them. He has given me the tools to communicate with each of them, differently, but with same results. "
— Cathy R.

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Go Beyond The Clinic

The Horse Creek Ranch Experience

Immerse Yourself Into Horsemanship

Fun and Educational

Join Steve and a group of like-minded horse people for the horse vacation of a lifetime.  Spend 5-10 days with Horse Creek Ranch as your home.  Enjoy the camaraderie of the group, as well as the education provided as Steve leads you to a higher level of understanding and communication with your horse. You will leave with the tools you need to have a better equine partner.

A Great Learning Experience

Steve created the School of Horse at Horse Creek Ranch so that he could provide a much greater learning experience for riders from all over the world.  The Ranch provides an atmosphere where people and horses can be immersed into real life situations; and because of this, Steve can help you gain a much deeper and more effective relationship with your horse.

Learn to Ride with Confidence

If you have lost your confidence, or maybe lacked some of it from the beginning, Steve can help.  It can be scary working with such a large animal, and for many people, confidence in themselves and in their horse is a common struggle.  Whether you are new to riding or have been in a wreck, Steve can help you build your confidence and teach you how to communicate with your horse safely and effectively.

"Steve provided constant opportunities, helped me gain my confidence, taught me so much in five short days.  Here is truly a place to focus on the beauty of horses and fellowship with others in their pursuit of their journey."  ~Anita T

First You Must Learn To
Go With Your Horse 

Then They Will Learn To
Go With You

Then The Two Of You Will
Go Together     

An Exclusive Equine Experience

Finding What Works

For Every Rider

In Any Discipline

With Any Horse

Problem Horse?

No Problem

See Results Immediately

Train the "Untrainable"

"Although we speak of confidence...your clinics and school open even more doors of intrigue and learning...It's the journey not the destination...and you instill that in your lessons more than any we've experienced. Thank you for your accommodating spirit."  ~John

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